Monday, September 15, 2014

Save Money on Your Office Toner Expense

One of the most frustrating expenses for any business are office supplies. The need to order these products often seems never-ending, the costs are always rising and they are an expense which does not turn a profit. Unfortunately they are a necessity and the only choice is to buy what you need. There are ways to save money on common products like toner. Here is how you can begin to cut your toner budget today.

Typical Printing Expenses

The average company spends $800 on printing costs every year. If your company regularly prints brochures or pamphlets those costs are probably substantially higher. One of the most expensive parts of printing is the toner. The average toner cartridge prints only approximately 1,500 pages of basic text. That number drops significantly when you print graphics. The only answer is to either print less, which is often impossible, or find a less expensive source of toner.

Use Less Ink

There are some ways to use less toner. One of these is to use different fonts. One of the fonts that uses the least amount of toner is Century Gothic. Other thrifty choices include basic fonts like Arial or Times New Roman. Adjust the quality level of your printed pages. Informal papers which are not seen by clients can often be printed in a lower quality, saving some ink with each page.

Risks of Remanufactured Cartridges

People often mistakenly think that refilled toner cartridges are the only way to reduce their toner expense. Remanufactured cartridges can work great, but they can also break easily or produce poor printing results. The problem is, you never know which it will be. Some can even potentially damage the printer, an issue which will cost multiple times more to fix than what was “saved” through the toner purchase.

Compatible Toner Cartridges

The safest and most budget-sensible option are compatible cartridges. These cartridges are new, non-remanufactured options that fit all standard printers but do not have the high prices like name brand toners. The prices can save people as much as 60 percent when compared to the compatible name brand model. When you purchase from a site like you can save even more by buying in bulk.

Office supplies are a fact of doing business. Rather than constantly trying to cut corners to save money, consider making sensible changes instead. The quality of your printing will remain the same. The only thing which will drop will be your toner bill. Look over the options at the Toner Emporium to learn more about what is available.

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